If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
— Britt

Hey there! I'm Britt.

I coach millennial women professionals to master their money and career mindset to achieve true happiness and money overflow

I describe myself as an ambitious, energetic and positive entrepreneur, attorney, and lifelong learner.

I love traveling to far corners of the earth, negotiating legal cases, listening to podcasts and audio books, eating strange foods, and making all the money. How do I do that?

It’s important to know that energy controls the world. Our mindset affects our energetic makeup. Our energy affects what we attract into our life (i.e., MONEY), and what we attract into our life determines our happiness. Simple.

Girl listen, I know you want more. I know you feel stuck in debt, stuck in a job you don’t really like, without the compensation you deserve. You’re tired and uninspired and you want to create a life that excites you. A life of limitless opportunity and abundance and money.

I can help you. I can help you elevate your energy, focus your mind and create a life you love.

I mean, it’s not easy. You are re-writing limiting beliefs and ideas that you’ve had for years (or decades). You are changing the way you think about money, about life and about yourself. It’s hard. But it IS possible.

I can help you get there. Are you ready?


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