Helping working women pay off debt +
build wealth while living their best life.

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Hi there! I’m Britt

I’m an attorney who sues insurance companies in sunny South Florida. I went from thousands in credit card + student loan debt to paying off $25K in 9 months with $16Kin savings—and counting!

Let’s get one thing clear: debt is not a bad thing. It’s simply a choice to pay something off over time. Debt only becomes a bad thing when it controls our lives and gives us anxiety that prevents living an enjoyable life. That’s why mindset is THE #1 KEY to debt payoff + building financial wealth.

The #1 key to building wealth is taking control of your finances. Do this by becoming financially literate + making a plan. I’ve studied personal finance and wealth building extensively, which has helped me understand how to pay off debt, save, + invest while living my absolute best life.

My mission is to guide attorneys and other professionals through my 5 Pillars of Payoff to teach them how to destroy debt, build exponential wealth, and create the life they deserve.

Helping you create a debt free + wealthy life:

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Finance Coaching

You want to massively decrease debt while creating an overflowing bank account and living the dream life you deserve.

We can create that together—for an affordable price.

Let me take a look at your income, expenses, and spending habits. I’ll create a sustainable budget to blast through your financial goals!


Beyond Salary Podcast

All my TOP SECRET (not really) methods to pull yourself out of debt, start saving and create the life of your dreams. 

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