How to Import Presets to Lightroom CC Mobile

THANK YOU for purchasing my Presets Package! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous photos.

How to get your presets onto your mobile phone:

Step 1) Get the Lightroom App

Download the free app “Adobe Lightroom CC”

Step 2) Get Dropbox

Sign up for a free Dropbox account at and then download the free Dropbox app on your phone.

Step 3) Download Presets

Check your email for a link to directly download your presets after purchase. Use a laptop to download your package. It will be a .zip folder with the package name. If you try to open the files (.dng) on your computer, they will look unedited or white. Don’t worry! Next, log into your Dropbox account and drag and drop the .zip folder into your Dropbox. Check that the folder is in your Dropbox mobile app.

Step 4) Transfer Presets

From the Dropbox mobile app, you’ll need to open and save each photo to your phone camera roll. Click each photo in the Dropbox app, tap the “…” in the upper righthand corner, select “Export”, then “Save Image.”

Step 5) Import Presets

Open the Lightroom app. Create a new folder by selecting “+” next to “Albums”. Call the folder something like “Presets”. Now you need to import the photos you downloaded to your phone camera roll. Select the blue Picture “+” button in the bottom right corner. Select all the photos you downloaded from .zip.

Step 6) Apply Presets

There are two ways to apply a Preset to your photo:

1.     MY PREFERRED METHOD: Select a photo in the “Presets” folder and select “…” in the upper right corner. Click “Create Preset” and name the preset. Do this with each photo in the Presets folder. Now you can select any of your own photos, click “Presets” in the bottom bar, and test each preset on your photo!

2.     Copy a preset by selecting a photo in “Presets” and selecting “..” in the upper right corner of the photo, and then click “Copy Settings”. Go back to your photo, click “…” again, and then select “Paste Settings”.

Done! You’ve applied the preset and transformed your photo.

BONUS Step 7) How to Adjust Brightness and Your Tan!

Want to make some changes? I created each preset to make you tan and to brighten or darken the light for the perfect setting, but you can adjust the brightness and make yourself more or less tan by following these instructions:

Adjust the light by sliding the “Exposure.” Find this under “Light” in the Lightroom Mobile App or in Lightroom desktop on the right column under “Basic.”

Adjust your skin tan by sliding the “Luminance” bar under the Orange tone. Find Orange in the Mobile app under “Color”, then “Mix” and select the Orange bubble, or in the Lightroom desktop app under “HSL/Color” on the right-side column.