How to Import Presets into Lightroom CC Desktop

THANK YOU for purchasing my Presets Package! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous photos.

How to import presets into Lightroom CC Desktop:

Step 1) Download your Presets

You will receive an email with a link to directly download your presets after purchase. Use a laptop to download your package. It will be a .zip folder with the package name.

Step 2) Get Adobe Lightroom

Download Adobe Lightroom HERE.

You’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription, but there is a 7-day free trial right now! There are two versions of Lightroom: “CC” which is cloud-based, and “CC Classic” which is based on your computer only. I primarily use Lightroom CC Classic on my computer.

Step 4) Import Presets.

Open Lightroom on your computer. In the left column, select the “Presets” dropdown and click the “+” button. Select “Import Presets”. Find the Presets folder from your purchase (see Step 1), it’s probably in your “Downloads” folder.

Step 5) Start editing!

To use your Presets, import your photos (“File”, then “Import Photos and Video”), and then click on any preset when editing a photo. Your picture will be immediately transformed!